northpoleIt’s official.

The North Pole Gazette has just released Santa’s Top Ten Gift Requests from SoCal mountain bikers.  Now you know for sure what to get your favorite mountain biker this year.  So let’s get shopping!

Top Ten MTB Gifts:

1. Registration for the 2011 Rwanda Ride on Saturday April 30, 2011.  CLICK HERE to register!


2. Genuine Project Rwanda cycling socks.

3. A charitable donation in your rider’s name.  CLICK HERE to donate today!

4. A big handful of Grand Prize raffle tickets for our HUGE post-ride prize raffle.

5. Genuine Project Rwanda running cap.  prcap

6. An additional 50 Mile Ride event t-shirt, size XXL, to use as a cozy sleep shirt.

7. Gift certificate for Cook’s Corner’s famous post-ride BBQ.

ninercarbon 8. A brand new carbon 29er.  Oh wait, that’s a hint for my wife only.

9. A collectible event t-shirt (collectible is what we call last year’s leftover t-shirts).

10. Registration for the 2011 Rwanda Ride.  This is so popular that Santa included it on his Top Ten list twice.  CLICK HERE to register.

Happy shopping! From all of us at 50 Mile Ride, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas!

  1. Awesome!!! Very clever and funny!!! Good luck with the new 29er! The socks and hat are great…

  2. HO HO HO!
    (was that Santa or your wife laughing)??

  3. Great List! since this started as your 50th Birthday ride will there be an option for the 55 as you get older or do you think 1 less per year till 0 ?

  4. Darn, I already got you a fruitcake….

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