surfcityOKSurf City Cyclery is our featured event sponsor for the month of December.  Owner Sean Flynn and his team joined our event last year, and they’re back this year bigger and better than ever.  Surf City is offering all Rwanda Ride participants and friends a special December offer:  20% off all apparel.  Just go to either of their two Orange County locations (Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa), mention “Project Rwanda Discount” and receive 20% off all apparel items (offer good from Dec 1 through Dec 31, 2011).  Now is the time to stock up on your winter riding gear!

Surf City Cyclery was recently featured in Bicycle Retailer magazine.  Their shop delivered the first-of-its-kind limited edition S-Works McLaren Venge “dream bike” to one very special customer.  (Check out the complete story at the end of this article).  But don’t worry, Specialized is making more of these dream bikes – and for the right price, you can own one too.  By the way, Surf City sells a complete line of bikes at all levels and prices – so you can find your dream bike regardless of the size of your dream.

Be sure to visit Surf City Cyclery soon to thank them for their support of 50 Mile Ride – and of course, to shop for those great apparel deals too!

VengeMcLarenComplete text of S-Works McLaren Venge news release:
Not so long ago, concept bikes were built specifically to push design boundaries and capture the attention and imagination of riders. Many of their ideas and technologies eventually trickled-down years later, but most riders have never had access to these game-changing engineering marvels in their state-of the-art form.

Following the successful launch and victory of the S-Works + McLaren Venge at this year’s Milan San Remo, there was a shift. Riders who realized the performance benefits of the technology built into the bike, and understood the $18,000 price tag, could finally own the most advanced race bikes to ever hit the UCI circuit. Within minutes of Matt Goss’ win, riders rushed to their local Specialized Concept Stores to claim their place in line for the fastest UCI-legal road bike ever made.

As Venge’s season continued, winning the Tour’s Green Jersey and taking Worlds in Copenhagen, demand only increased.

Well, the day has finally come. Surf City Cyclery delivered the first of these exclusive, limited production super-bikes to its first rider this Thursday – only we can’t reveal who it is, because he’s decided that the new bike will be a Christmas gift for a lucky member of his family!

“He’s our best customer,” said Sean Flynn, owner of Huntington Beach’s Surf City Cyclery. “He’s a Specialized devotee, drives a McLaren, and has a great history with our shop. He was literally the first person through our door after the race, asking for one of these bikes. As it turns out, his was the first ordered in the country, too. In this case especially, being a Concept Store, located where we are, certainly has its privileges.”

As the first bike created in what eventually became a formal partnership between Specialized and McLaren Applied Technologies, the S-Works + McLaren Venge has enjoyed undeniably the best rookie season ever for any bike in the pro peloton.

“The Venge is a very special bike – created to integrate a measurable aerodynamic  benefit into a UCI-legal road race platform that offers class-leading stiffness and pedaling efficiency – then McLaren took it to another level!” said Director of USA Marketing Andrew Hammond.

“Specialized has some of the best composite engineers and designers in the cycling industry. The S-Works Venge itself is incredibly impressive. Around the time we finalized the design, the guys at McLaren were looking for a bike project to work on, and they approached us to see if there was something they could add some firepower to. This bike is the result.”

Before Venge, the idea of owning a bike created with the engineering horsepower of McLaren was limited to dreamers, pro athletes and the well-connected. With the S-Works + McLaren Venge, everyday riders are getting ready to receive their McLaren Venge through a local Specialized Concept Store.

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