Date: October 22, 2021

Five Groups will be assembled on Friday before the event to ride the course with backpacks of signs and ribbon to mark the course for riders (maps/GPS, ribbons, and signs will be provided). Bring backpacks to carry equipment. We will provide you with specific instructions so all trails are marked in the same fashion. Marking will occur on Friday before the event (times TBD). Group Leader will coordinate times for marking.

Group 1. The course starts at RSM. Aventura/O’Neill gate to Arroyo Trabuco trail via paved bike trail, Arroyo Trabuco to O’Neill and up Live Oak trail, down Vista DH trail, (Vista bypass too) back to Ranger office at the main gate. 2 volunteers
Group 2. Ranger’s office at the main gate, through O’Neill: Twisty Tire to exit gate to Plano Trabuco past Dove Canyon waterfall and Santa Margarita H.S. onto Tijeras Creek trail and on to Coto de Caza gate, across Coto de Caza entrance and climb the trail to Westridge trail junction at top of the ridge. Continue on the fire road to the top of Westridge DH.
Group 3.Top of Westridge DH to Tijeras Creek trail and stay on it until the under cross at OSO Pkwy to Waterworks trail(Waterworks bypass too) and Arroyo Trabuco back to paved bike trail at the start.
Group 4. Dove waterfall to Starr Rise trail via Bell Ridge trail, Bell Road in Caspers to Eastridge Trail, Eastridge DH to Cougar Trail to Oso Trail and back to Starr Rise.
Group 5. 10-mile route, course start via paved bike trail to Arroyo Trabuco and take course backward on Arroyo Trabuco to first water crossing and return.

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Group 1 - RSM/O'Neill Park(Time TBD) #1: Filled
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Group 2 - O'Neill Park to Westridge DH (Time TBD) #1: Filled
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Group 3 - Westridge DH/Tijeras/Arroyo Trabuco (Time TBD) #1: Filled
Group 4 - Dove Waterfall /Caspers Loop (Time TBD)#1: Sign up »
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Group 5 - 10 Mile Route (Time TBD)#1: Sign up »