Date: September 14, 2024

Ride assigned portions of course after cut-off times to ensure the course is clear of riders and trash.

Also picks up course ribbons and signs. Suggested to carry a backpack to carry trash. Should also carry a few inner tubes, CO2 cartridges or pump, and small wrench tools to help anyone stuck because of a mechanical issue.

  • Sweep 1. Course start to O’Neill Park entrance (8 miles)
  • Sweep 2. O’Neill Park entrance to Dove Waterfall (4 miles)
  • Sweep 3a. Caspers Park loop 3a (8 miles)
  • Sweep 3b. Star Rise to Dove Waterfall 3b (8 miles)
  • Sweep 4. Dove waterfall to course finish
  • Sweep 5. 10 Mile route

Instructions and additional information will be provided regarding enforcing cutoff times.

*Please ensure you are there by your start time. End Time is an estimate based on cutoff times. You must stay until you are released.

Please email Steve Osborne at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Select Task(s)WhatcommentsName
Sweep 1: Course Start to O'Neill Park EntranceBegins at 10:00am#1: Filled
#2: Filled
#3: Filled
Sweep 2: O'Neill Park Entrance to Dove WaterfallBegins at 11:00am#1: Filled
#2: Sign up »
Sweep 3a: Casper's LoopBegins at 10:30am#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
Sweep 3b: Starr Rise to Dove WaterfallBegins at 11:30am#1: Filled
#2: Sign up »
Sweep 4: Dove Waterfall to course finishBegins at 12:30pm#1: Sign up »
#2: Sign up »
#3: Sign up »
#4: Sign up »
Sweep 5: 10 Mile RideBegins at 9:00am, abt 2 hours for stragglers#1: Sign up »
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