bike distribution 2015

Yes we are known as the “Rwanda Ride” and supporting Rwandan non-profits is our heritage.  Yet as our event grows, so does our impact in Africa.  Proceeds from last year’s Rwanda Ride were intended to be used to distribute bikes in Rwanda.  But unforeseen difficulties and increased Customs duties in Rwanda made it very challenging to deliver the bikes as planned.  So, we worked out another plan – a better plan.  Our bike partner, World Bicycle Relief (in partnership with World Vision), already had plans to distribute their utility bikes to needy school children in South Africa this spring.  They had the plans, they had the local connections – all they needed was the bikes.  That’s where we come in.  Our container load of 230 bikes was the perfect solution.  And 230 young students in South Africa – who would otherwise not be able to attend school – will be getting an education this year.  Because of you and your support for our 50 Mile Ride event.  Thank you for making a difference!


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