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1. Spare tubes (Two)

Carry AT LEAST two extra tubes.  This way, if you get a flat or two, you’re covered.  And if you see a Rwanda Rider in need, you’ve got them covered too!

Regardless of what bike you’re riding, consider carrying an additional 27.5in tube. Why? Because in a jam, a ‘tweener’ tube works well enough for both 26in and 29er tires that I can help out a fellow Rwanda Rider in need.

2. Patch kit

Patch kits take up very little room in your pack and are a necessity when you’ve used your last tube. Glueless patches are much faster to apply but don’t have the longevity of patches that use a vulcanizing agent.

3. Tire pump

Whether you pick an actual pump of a CO2 device, make sure to practice before you are on the ride.  A flat with no way to refill is a huge bummer.

4. Multi-tool

Never leave home without a good multi-tool.Opt for a multi-tool with a built-in chain tool, a T25 torx, flathead and Philips screwdrivers, and at least 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Allen keys, and the most common spoke tool sizes.  Who knows, you may end up being able to help other Rwanda Riders out there.

5. Tire lever

Many multi-tools have a tire lever built into them, they’re generally not as useful, nor as well constructed, as standalone levers.  Bring a separate lever.

6. Shock pump

Better safe than sorry.  It’s a good idea to pack a shock pump in case you develop a slow leak, or if you find you need to fine-tune your suspension

7. Chain lube

You will encounter multiple stream crossings on the Ride for Rwanda.  A small bottle of chain lube with a peice of cloth to clean the chain is a good addition to your kit.

8. Sunscreen

You can burn even on cloudy days.  Bring sone SPF rated lotion and keep the burn away.

9. Phone

Ah, smart phones… Your phone can come in handy if you get into a bind on the trail.  Its probably not a bad idea to bring it with you on the longer routes.

10. Packable rain jacket

We almost never have any rain on ride day, but a lightweight shell is definitely a good idea… just in case…

11. First-aid kit

A small first aid kit in a waterproof package is a good idea. Bandages, gauze, disinfecting wipes and tweezers are all items to include in your kit.  (Like for that time I endo-ed over the handlebars on Rocket and landed rear-first in a prickly pair…) Like the tools in this list, a first-aid kit is only useful if you know how to use it — learn an practice.

12. Derailleur hanger

A bent or broken derailleur hanger can mean the end of your ride, unless you want to ride a single speed the rest of the way.  You may want to carry a spare hanger with mounting bolts just in case.

13. Master link

A master link can be used to replace bent or broken links and allow you to pedal back to Applied Medical.

14. Chainring bolt

Chainring bolts can shear off or rattle loose. Keeping a spare in your pack will allow you to continue on with all your rings intact.

15. Zip-ties

Zip-ties can be a life saver.  They can be used to fix detached cables and keep your shoe tight if a buckle breaks.

16. Spare spoke with nipple

Thankfully, many modern mountain bike wheelsets are designed to require the use of a single spoke length for the entire wheel set. This makes it easier to carry a single spoke to replace a broken one.

Also, a spare spoke can also come in handy for cleaning grass and other debris from a derailleur or cassette.

17. Cash

Carry some cash!  Just incase you end up in a pinch.